Air Brush
The Air Brush method is gaining popularity among small consumers. Our role is to dress a product to a color dress so the final consumer is most satisfied. We paint plastics, metals and other parts of the products mostly for industrial production. Default we use brand colors ALKYTON and STANDOX.
Air Brush Box SSB880
The painting itself is being carried out in an air brush box which is build from supporting steel components and tin-plates. The boxes back side is built from filter parts equipped with a multi-level separating system with a dry filtration for absorbing the paints solid parts. This multi-level filtration system ensures a high filtration. Its construction solution ensures easy manipulation when maintained and cleaned. Status of the dry filtration system is visually indicated by a micro-manometer situated on the filter box.
Work space dimensions: W 880 x H 1080 x D 780 mm.



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