Plastic molding
As one of the main company activity is the mold production for plastics, we offer a mold injection of plastics in middle and lower series. We can give you a hand in mold injection of different types of material or color tones. In case you do not own a production tool (mold for plastic), we will provide a design and production. We own high quality mold injection machine Arburg 470C, where we produce pressings from all used thermoplastics.



    Mold Injection Machine ARBURG ALLROUNDER 470 C
is a reliable universal mold injection machine suitable for wide variety of presswork (including glass filled materials). Machine handling is very fast and intuitive thanks to transparent display of all production processes.
The Machine is equipped with options for hydraulic (2x) and a pneumatic control of core pullers (3x), a jet temperature control unit 6 x 2000W, a granulate hot air dryer and a temper unit for warm up and cool down of the mold.
  Technical paremeters:
  max. closing power:   1500 kN
  distance between guiding rails:   470 x 470 mm
  max. weight of the moving side
  of the mold:
  800 kg
  max. dosage capacity:   182 cm3


Machine parameters:     WEB_525083_en_GB.pdf



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