Engineering - Mold Production
Our industrial production department offers:

- CNC drilling (medium and small series production)
- Mold production (plastics, non-ferrous metal, Zn alloys)
- Production of complicated tools
- Repairs, realignment and mold service
- Electric Discharge Machining
- Production of Cu electrodes for EDM (possible in EROWA clamping)

We use the most advanced machines in the milling department which in combination with a CAM system SolidCAM allows us to utilize the advantages of high speed machining and obtain high productivity and milling quality.



    Drilling and Milling Centre - MCV 750 SPEED
Dedicated for accurate, high-speed machining of shaped complicated surfaces, drilling, out drilling and thread cutting. Automatic tool change in the cartridge allows us to work in an automatic cycle. Compound table and headstock movement can be used at the same time. The machine is equipped with an air intake and a cooling liquid running through the center of the headstock which definitely raises production productivity.
  Technical paremeters:
  table clamping face:   1000 x 640 mm
  longitudinal table motion - X axis:
  750 mm
  cross table motion - Y axis:
  500 mm
  vertical table motion - Z axis:
  500 mm
  maximum table load:   650 kg
  main headstock rotation:   0-12.000 ot./min
  electro-headstock rotation:   0-60.000 ot./min
  control system:   Heidenhain iTNC530



    Milling machine FV 30 CNC
A console milling machine with a fixed headstock with a coherent number of controlled moves on axis X,Y,Z. We use it for the milling of complicated tools, such as mold parts for plastic injection and electrodes for EDM.
  Technical paremeters:
  outside table dimensions:   1300 x 420 mm
  longitudinal table motion - X axis:
  760 mm
  cross table motion - Y axis:
  381 mm
  vertical table motion - Z axis:
  450 mm
  maximum job weight:   360 kg
  headstock rotation:   100 - 4000 ot./ min
  control system:   Heidenhain TNC410



EDM (Electric Discharge Machining)
We use a CNC Electric Discharge Machining Unit CHARMILLES ROBOFORM 350 in EDM department which together with a clamping system EROWA (allows us to obtain an accurately defined position of the electrode from its production to EDM itself).



    Electric Discharge Machining ROBOFORM 350
The Electric Discharge Machine CHARMILLES ROBOFORM 350 is able to solve complex assignments. This unit allows planet eroding and C axis rotation. The Machine is equipped with special options for burning apertures and a cartridge for electrodes. It is used for deepening complicated parts of the molds for a plastic injection.

  Technical paremeters:
  Table dimensions:   500 x 400 mm
  X, Y, Z motion:   350 x 250 x 300 mm
  Max. job dimensions (w x l x h):   780 x 530 x 300 mm
  Min. /max. table to quill distance:   150/450 mm
  Max. electrode weight:   50 kg
  Max. job weight:   500 kg
  Clamping system:   EROWA

We partner with trusted companies for the EDM wire-cutting of metal.




We perform assembly, tool galvanization, finishing of mold inserts and mirror polishing.

We test our molds in-house using a high quality ARBURG injection mold machine which guarantees repeated presswork quality.


    Mold Injection Machine ARBURG ALLROUNDER 470 C
A reliable universal mold injection machine suitable for wide variety of work (including glass filled materials). Machine handling is very fast and intuitive thanks to transparent display of all production processes.
Our machine is equipped with:
 - two hydraulic core puller controllers
 - three pneumatic core puller controllers
 - a granulate hot air dryer
 - a jet temperature control unit 6 x 2000W
 - a temper unit for the warm up and cool down of the mold

  Technical paremeters:
  max. closing power:   1500 kN
  distance between guiding rails:   470 x 470 mm
  max. weight of the moving side of the mold:   800 kg
  max. dosage capacity:   182 cm3


Machine parameters:     WEB_525083_en_GB.pdf



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