Electronics - Development
- Electronic development based on 8-bit processes type 8051, PIC, PsoC
- Electronic development based on 32-bit processes with ARM core
- Program development for listed processors in ASM, ANSI C
- Application programming under Free RTOS
- Application programming under Windows C++
- Electronic development according to customer needs (HW, SW, documentation)
- PCB designing
- Reverse engineering
- Development and production of substitutes for unavailable electronic automobile units


We remanufacture automobile electronic control units. Specializing in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Porsche and SAAB. We do constant research on repair procedures (documented with ISO standards) and repair more than 150 part types. Additionally, we are concerned with the development of additional electronics for automobiles and golf carts, such as a lowering module for undercarriage height setting (Mercedes Benz, Porsche, VW, Audi), remote control for this lowering module, ignition for older Mercedes automobiles, control unit for golf cart battery charging, compound dash unit for golf carts which indicates time, temperature, riding time and battery status, substitution for a mechanical starter with an electronic system based on RFID, electronic switches for appliances (3x20A) and more.



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