Production of Cabling
We have many years of experience in the production of cabling
for the automotive industry.
The department is situated in newly built 370 m2 company building.
Further, we have 180 m2 of storage space available.
We use several electric and hand units
for cable production including:
Crimping press TT
  (MECAL - Italy)
Cutting and stripping machine Kappa 220
  (KOMAX - Switzerland)
Table stripping machine Cosmic 30M
  (MCMCOSMIC - Japan)




    Crimping press TT
Very compact and light, its spheroidal cast iron, one-piece structure offers the highest rigidity for very stable crimping height values. The standard stroke is 40mm and different strokes are available upon request. The 135.8mm ± 0.02mm crimping height allows the TT to accept all the mini-style applicators fitted with the standard T-coupling.
  Technical paremeters:
  Crimping height:   135.8 mm
  Stroke:   40mm
  Force:   2000kg
  Power:   0,55kW



    Cutting and stripping machine Kappa 220
Automatic machine ensures accurate cutting and both side stripping of single wires and special wires and covers an extremely wide range of cross-sections. Stripping in partial cuts, allows extremely big stripping lengths to be processed. The CNC controlled cutting heads and pressure rollers guarantee optimal movement sequences and allow the processing parameters to be stored. Any adjustments while converting become unnecessary. All wire guide parts are fitted with a quick acting closure. They can be mounted very easily without any tool. The graphic LC display provides ideal support for setting-up and operating.
  Technical parameters:
  Length range:   1 mm – 200 000 mm
  Length accuracy:   +/- 1 mm or less than 0.2% of wire length
  Stripping length:   0,5 mm – 40 mm
  Wire cross-sections:   0,05 mm2 – 6 mm2 (AWG30 – AWG10)
  Outside diameter:   9 mm



    Table stripping machine Cosmic 30M
The Device Cosmic 30M (electric) is suitable for very accurate and reliable cable processing. It is equipped with 4blade system with ideal wire holder. Wire diameter setting with a tolerance of 0.01 mm can be controlled on digital display.
  Technical parameters:
  Wire cross-sections:   0.03 mm2 – 2 mm2 (AWG32 – AWG14)
  Stripping length:   1 mm – 25 mm
  Partial stripping length:   1 mm – 20 mm
  Cycle:   0.3 sec (10 mm stripping length)



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