Whole process starts by aim and deadline assignment. Process continues by product design itself, sampling by 3d printer and production of prototype, eventually also engineering and production itself, as our company disposes considerable engineering and production capacities. It is necessary to deliver that we hold authorĊ½s guidance throughout the realization from the beginning of creation to production itself in all mentioned activities. Next we are able to design packaging of the product and a complete advertisement canvass.

We are getting to graphic design which is understood as integral part of the whole product creation process. We offer a complete portfolio of services from the logotype company creation through the creation of complete company identity, catalogue and advertising flyers design to concept of advertisement canvass and their complete elaboration and assignment to media. In the field of advertising services we as well deal with web page creation and multimedia presentations. Individual parts of our creation are expo booth design and exposition design.
Our main customers in present time are several U.S. companies for which we design products and next advertisement canvass. We also take care of their company identity. Our main priority is a satisfied customer and high quality final product.



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